Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Credit Fraud

The full report is now available to view in the downloads section. You can also click the picture to access it.

At the time Maura went missing, she was on probation for this. If she had stayed out of trouble for three months, this conviction would have been erased. The accident the weekend before she went missing may have caused this charge to stay on her record, essentially ending her nursing prospects.

There is motive here. Motive for anger. Motive to run. Motive for many things.

Note: Her name has been redacted by Amherst PD.

Friday, July 6, 2012

Documents are up!

You can now access the majority of the records I have received relating to Maura Murray's disappearance (clink on that "documents" link that now appears to the left).

I still need to scan the records related to Maura's credit card fraud in Amherst. But that make take another week. I'll post when the link is live.

Honestly, I have yet to read through every page of these reports, myself. So if you find something particularly interesting, let me know.

Documents Begin to Post

I've begun posting links to the records I have obtained, but it is slow going. You can read through as I post by clicking the new "Documents" to the left of your screen.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Public Records

I will be uploading all the public records I have obtained related to the Maura Murray disappearance over the next 24 hours. Be patient. I will be fiddling with the design and layout as I work.