Saturday, July 27, 2013

Everybody Lies

Well. Well. Well.

Is there anyone in this case who isn't a lying liar pants-on-fire?

Seems this Richard Thousand story was a bit of a farce.

Here's the email I just got:

I have to apologize to Maura and you and set the record straight. About two years ago I came across the story of Maura's disappearance and due to many commonalities between us I got hook into the investigation. I came across the photos and saw the card with the number on the back. One night I attempted to access the card to see if there was anything interesting to the investigation. I don't even remember the specifics but when I provided my e mail address it gave me access to the card account. Afterward I got worried about doing this and dropped my interest in her case. When I got your e mail I got spooked and sent an e mail that gave the impression she found my card.. While checking out your blog last night I came across the item about the card and was shocked that my e mail was there and people discussing that she stole my card and then changed the information on it. This is a tragic situation for both Maura and her family and I don't want to do anything to perpetuate the idea that she was a thief or untrustworthy. Furthermore, I didn't write the email for attention and I have an alibi for my whereabouts on the night she disappeared so your readers can relax. I still wish you well with your book.



Here's a follow-up email:

I was in u mass looking into the master program in 2003 and talked to some nurses. That is one reason I got drawn into this story. Everything in the e mail was true except talking to a particular student that had a boyfriend in Oklahoma. If I met her I think I would have remembered that name so I would say no. FYI. Marine Hedges worked for years in our hospital coffee shop in Wichita Kansas. I knew her only because she made me food every thursday, otherwise I had no real connection to her, Why I brought that up was that prior to finding out that it was BTK, there were many theories some bordering on the bizarre about what happened to her. Everyone was totally shocked when they learned the truth that she was just unlucky that night. 

Friday, July 26, 2013

**UPDATED** Topix Scrubs Entire Maura Murray forum. *Back up*

Moments ago, Topix removed the entire Maura Murray forum thread from its Franconia page. There were over 38,000 posts dating back several years.

A poster CitiGirl, who claimed to be Maura's relative from Weymouth, was a frequent commenter until a couple weeks ago when she went silent.

Very strange.

Well that was quick. It's back up already, though some posts have been removed.

So... The Stop & Shop Loyalty Card Found in Maura's Car? Yeah, She Stole That, Too.

You know, the more I look into this case the more unbelievable it becomes. I went into it, like many of you, with this image in mind of Maura as the All-American Girl. Then we learn of her credit card fraud. Her cheating. Her petty theft at West Point. Not that I think she was given much of a chance. Her mother outed her bulimia in front of family members, some of whom had serious problems with drugs and issues of their own. And Fred... Jesus. Where do you start? What a mess.

And yet she's still missing. The case needs closure.

Anyway, last night I learned the Stop & Shop loyalty card found in her Saturn after the crash had been stolen (I believe it was, based on the following story, anyway, but you tell me if you can come up with a better explanation). A reader of the blog ran the card number through Stop & Shop's system and found that the card was associated with the address 22 Walker St. Weymouth (which was where Fred was living). And an email that linked back to a man in Cleveland named Richard Thousand.

Here's what Thousand had to say:

Very Interesting! I did attended a meeting at U Mass shortly after graduating from Nursing School in 2003. I was there for approximately a week and signed for a card at the Stop and Shop close to where I was staying because they had some money off on gas. Of course, while there I talked to several nurses attending the University and I do remember talking quite some time with a girl who fits Maura's profile from your website. We were both runners and I grew up in Upstate New York and camped and hiked many of the same areas that she had in New Hampshire. I remember her mentioning a boyfriend in Oklahoma because I had told her I had moved to Ohio from Kansas and she said she was planning on getting a job there. She asked me about the kind of area it was. I also had been in the Air Force and she mentioned some military training, but I don't remember her mentioning West Point Academy- but that was a while ago. As for the card, I don't think she would have stolen it from me since I keep a very keen eye on my wallet and only carry the bare minimum. I am notorious about dumping these cards anywhere because they aren't credit cards and we don't have these stores in Ohio so I could have left it anywhere on campus. I still do this since I travel a lot but I guess I will be more careful in the future. I was rather shocked by what I read about her disappearance but I had a co worker in Kansas disappear and there were a lot of strange theories but they eventually found out that BTK was her neighbor and actually abducted her from her home and killed her.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

One way to search for Maura...

So China has developed better facial-recognition software than we have here in the States. You can go onto and plug in a picture of someone's face and it will search for likely matches on the internet.

I spent some time on there this morning and found a couple really close matches but nothing panned out. If you have some time to help with the search, check it out.

Monday, July 22, 2013

Confirmed: Maura suffered from Bulimia.

I spoke today with another man who investigated Maura's disappearance (full interview soon) and he confirmed another rumor that has come up again and again over the years. Maura suffered from bulimia for years. Other girls who lived in Kennedy Hall became aware of this. Her family had known for years, but were not exactly rushing to get her the counseling she needed.

At one family gathering, Thanksgiving or Christmas, Maura's mother Laurie outed Maura in front of her siblings, saying, "Why do we have so much food if you're just going to throw it up later?"

I'm really beginning to wonder if Maura had a single kind person she could turn to.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Book update

100 pages in.

Expect to finish a rough draft by the end of August.

I'll do one more round of research/interviews then.

I'd still love to hear from friends of Maura who knew her from Hanson, West Point, or Amherst.

More soon.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Song by Maura's Brother Kurt Suggests Family Believes She Could Have Run Away

A song written by Kurt, in 2010:

What I Wouldn't Give
Where did you run
Is there somewhere that your new life has begun
In a sea of endless time
What have we done
To make you turn your back on us and run
From our love
That will grow on your return
Why did you shun
A life that you had only just begun
To live, to live...
What I wouldn't give to only see your face,
Your radiant smile, flowing grace
If I could know for sure that you've not been lost in time
And if you only knew what your absence here has put us through
In hopes that someday soon you might walk back through that door.
I know you're out there waiting
Until the pain you feel subsides
but your fears, your doubts, your anger
with our love we'll cast aside...
Repeat Chorus
Maura, we're missing you so dearly now
We see your face so clearly
We pray with ever hopeful hearts
That you'll still walk back through that door
Someday you will, I'm sure...

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Homicide Detectives Wanted Fred Murray's Cell Phone Records **UPDATED**

Here is a very interesting document.

It shows a couple things.

1. Homicide detectives subpoena'd Fred Murray's cell phone records.
2. They were asking for a CDR, which means "call detail report," meaning records of calls going in and out.
3. They did not trust Fred enough to get this information directly from him.
4. The search parameters (Feb 1 - Feb 20) suggests they believed possible criminal activity was happening beyond the time of Maura's disappearance.

This document was part of the items released to Fred by the Supreme Court of New Hampshire and can be obtained through FOIA.

A few readers have pointed out that a subpoena to a phone company may be standard procedure in order to maintain chain-of-custody. Also, these records may have been a way to alibi Fred out.

As I've said before, I do not believe Fred is responsible for Maura's homicide (if that's what it is). But I do believe he knows what led her to drive into New Hampshire. And, to me, that is half of the puzzle in this case.

Fred's statement to UMass police is up.

I guess I forgot to post this in the Documents section. It's up now.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Investigation into Maura's Disappearance Found Other Criminal Activity

I'm currently writing about Fred Murray's lawsuit against the State of New Hampshire. Found this little nugget today, tucked into the state's explanation about why it couldn't release certain information about the case.

...although the information may have been determined not to be relevant to Maura Murray, it may in fact be relevant to other criminal conduct: in fact information that has been gathered in this case has resulted in cases being opened investigating charges related to burglary, drugs, arson and criminal mischief

Any thoughts as to what/who this is referring to?