Sunday, October 13, 2013

Remains Found During Search for Abigail Hernandez Likely Not Maura Murray

Authorities searching the New Hampshire woods for evidence related to the disappearance of Conway teen Abigail Hernandez stumbled upon human remains that were not Abigail's. 

Several news outlets have quoted a source saying the remains were those of a person who disappeared in the region some years ago, leading many to speculate that the bones may belong to Maura.

I just got off the phone with a source at the New Hampshire Department of Fish and Game, who explained a bit more about what was discovered.

- what they found was a partial human skull and teeth.
- no evidence related to Maura Murray's case (backpack, booze, etc.) was found
- it is believed the remains belong to a man who disappeared nearby a few years ago, not Maura, but it will take some time to verify identity.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Holy Moly! Did a nurse write this??

Years ago, someone posted a message on a Geocities board that explained how Maura had hit Petrit Vasi the night of her breakdown, which started a chain of events that led her to decide to just leave and start her life over with a boyfriend in Quebec.

Here's much more about that message.

Editing the book, today, I came across the message again and noted this passage:

Sometime between 12 MN and 1 AM Maura driving her Saturn struck and critically injured the UMass student Petrit Vasi leaving him for dead.

And I thought 12 MN was strange. I don't know anyone who writes it like that.

But guess what? That's standard subscript for... a nurse.

Looking back on the message, one other passage stands out to me.

Maura’s being asked to leave West Point and all the ensuing criticism by her father was the beginning of a certain line of thought for Maura, culminating in her leaving on Feb 9, 2004 to start a new life unencumbered by the constant criticism of her father. 

"the beginning of a certain line of thought..." sounds to me like a distinct grammatical twitch that this person uses in conversation. Is it familiar to anyone?