Friday, February 28, 2014

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Homeless Woman Found in Georgia...

It's a long shot but worth a look.

A young homeless woman was found living in a tent in Georgia, off I-75, recently. Follow this link for the full story and more pictures.

What do you think?

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

List of Agencies Shows Focus of Investigation

Among the documents given to Fred during his court battles with New Hampshire was a list of agencies that have furnished reports related to the investigation into Maura's disappearance. Here is the list, along with my thoughts on each.

New Hampshire State Police (lead agency)

Haverhill PD (first responders)

NH Fish and Game (helped coordinate ground and air searches)

Exeter, MA PD (this is presumably a typo. there is an Exeter in NH and Maine, but not Mass -- I do not have a theory about why this jurisdiction was contacted)

Oxford County Sheriffs ME (this county borders Quebec)

FBI (contrary to Fred's claims, the FBI have been involved since the beginning)

Grafton County Sheriffs (this is county Haverhill, NH is located in)

Vermont State Police (reasons to contact VSP include links to Brianna Maitland case and/or criminal history on Kathleen Murray)

UMASS PD (investigation of credit fraud, disappearance)

Amherst MA PD (credit fraud)

Hadley MA PD (reports related to accident of Fred's car)

Rochester PD (this is interesting. This is where Kate Markopoulos has been working)

Sullivan County Department of Corrections (no idea)

Can you help me fill in some of these holes?

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Who Took the Other Two Lie Detector Tests?

When Fred Murray sued the state of New Hampshire, it was revealed that police had given four lie detector tests related to Maura's disappearance.

I discovered a few weeks ago that Butch Atwood had taken two.

So who took the other two?

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Chronicle Documentary Gets it Right

Click here to watch the Chronicle Documentary on Maura's disappearance.

Top Commenter on Family Forum is Suspect in Another Murder

The Murray family blocked me from the official Maura Murray Facebook page about a month ago after I corrected some false statements about the case, there. However, they're totally cool giving space to Jim Vittum, who was one of the last people to see Stacey Burns alive.

Since her murder, in Wolfeboro, NH, in 2009, Vittum has been considered a suspect, according to the family.  Burns had just broken up with Vittum and he had been with her the night before her children found her dead.

The logger has had several run-ins with the law since the murder, accused of stalking Burns' children and ex-husband. NH recently denied him a concealed carry permit.

It is becoming quite a circus over there.

Friday, February 14, 2014

Murray Family Threatens Violence After Chronicle Episode Airs

Last night, WCVB's Chronicle devoted a half hour to the disappearance of Maura Murray. I was interviewed on camera for this, sharing reasons Maura had to run away, things like credit card fraud. Some uncomfortable questions were put to Fred, finally.

The extended Murray clan took to Facebook immediately following the airing of the program in the Greater Boston area to hurl insults, which eventually escalated to out-right threats.

From Jerry Thomes:

he should keep his fuckin mouth shut and off of fb. god forbid this idiots son goes missing.

Followed by this, from Maureen Gillis Fantasia:

he dont like it?how does it feel

From Tammy Abbott:

the people who know her know the truth... like you would hopefully know if something happened to your family or someone you know inside and out...

Most relatives simply settled on name calling.

Mike Abbott:

you're nothing but a fame seeking a hole

Vicky Antonowicz

you sick sad fucker !

Matt Casey:

Renner is just a bottom feeder looking to line his pockets by writing a book

Mark Manuel:

has the police looked in to this James Renner Journalist from Akron Ohio?

No wonder Maura wanted to run away.

As soon as the Chronicle episode is posted on YouTube, I'll share it here.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Open Question

Fred still insists the reason he came to UMass with $4,000 cash the weekend before Maura vanished was because he was going to buy her a car. Of course, they never did buy the car.

One thing he's never mentioned is what his plans were for the car Maura was driving, which was in his name. Neither he nor Maura had made an effort to put it up for sale. There was no For Sale sign in the window. He couldn't have used it for much of a trade-in, as, in his words it was "running on three cylinders." What was the plan, there, exactly?

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Murray Family Shuts Down Messageboard After People Grow Suspicious of Fred

Once upon a time, the official Maura Murray page, run by the family, had its own sanctioned messageboard. It was shut down when the community started to realize that Fred was lying to police and the media. The suspicion is addressed in this post, by "Mason" which appeared on a separate blog that has also been deleted. Thanks to the wonders of the Internet, the old post was found earlier today:

According to Google Maps, it's 231 miles from Bridgeport, CT to Haverhill, NH, a three-hour-and fifty-six minute drive. Let's call it four hours.
On January 5, 2006, 23-months after Maura disappeared, Holly Angelo of reported that Lieutenant John Scarinza said, "It is also crystal clear the family's initial impression was she [Maura] was in distress and was maybe considering suicide."
Therefore, despite Fred Murray's denial that he told the police he thought Maura might have driven to New Hampshire to commit suicide, Lieutenant Scarinza knew that wasn't true.
What did Fred Murray think about during his solo four-hour drive to Haverhill?
Put yourself in his situation for a moment.
Would you try to call Maura? Would you take a 15-30 minute detour off I-91 to go to Kennedy Hall at UMass to see if your daughter was there? Would you call campus security and ask them to let you into her room? If you didn't have time to stop, would you ask campus security to check her room to see if she was there? Would you call her friends? Would you call Billy Rausch?
We have no evidence that he did any of these things and I find that incomprehensible and extremely troubling. The police were still trying to identify the young woman the SBD saw behind the wheel of the Saturn. Kathleen had emailed them a photograph of Maura, but the SBD wasn't certain that the steak in the photograph was Maura. Fred Murray's conduct tells us he knew that young woman was Maura.
How did he know that unless he picked her up on Route 112?
He doesn't have an alibi.
He had 36 hours to worry about the possibility that someone saw him pick-up Maura. That's a lot of time to strategize. I think he decided to press the suicide theory at first merely to test the waters while pretending to be distraught. If the cops brushed it aside and confronted him telling him that they had a witness who saw him pick-up Maura, he could admit it and claim that he drove a short distance before he realized she was intoxicated and pulled over and stopped. They argued about her drinking problem (which she denied) and her second accident within 48 hours. He told her enough was enough and ordered her to get out of the car and walk back to the accident to face the music and accept responsibility for her "problem." He watched her walk in that direction and then he drove away. He would have added that she was crying, drunk, and depressed and probably walked off into the woods after he drove away.
Notice that this clever lie allows for the possibility of later claiming, after searchers failed to find her body in the area, that a "dirt-bag" must have intercepted her or offered a ride that she accepted to avoid arrest for DUI. When Fred Murray realized that no one saw him or the vehicle he was driving, he switched immediately to some dirt-bag got her and began insisting to all who would listen that his remarks were taken out of context.
By rejecting suicide, wrapping himself in the cloak of the quintessential suffering distraught father, packaging Maura as the innocent All American steak Next Door With The Perfect Life And Everything To Live For, shamelessly promoting and selling this false image, insisting that everything in the past was irrelevant, planting smokescreens and red herrings aplenty to confuse everyone, and constantly berating the NH cops as incompetent, Fred Murray has almost pulled off the perfect crime.

Friday, February 7, 2014

Maura Ad Appears in Sherbooke, Quebec Newspaper

A full-page ad appears in today's newspaper in Sherbrooke. Another full page ad appears in tomorrow's Daily Hampshire Gazette.

Thank you for all your help. I'm extremely proud of the way we came together as an online community to make this happen. Hopefully these will generate some new leads.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

NH Trooper Says Murray Has Lied for Years

From the Trooper's comments about the WMUR vid last night:

I am a retired NH Trooper that was involved in one of the extensive searches for Maura. I don't recall all of the details but I remember the day after a huge search was conducted in the summer of 2004, hearingMr. Murray being interviewed by the news media. Prior to our commencing the search we were briefed, and informed Maura's family had met with the Commanders the previous day and were thoroughly informed ofour planned search. We were told Mr. Murray had offered information hethought useful. The media learned of the search and covered it as it progressed. The day after the search I heard on Boston radio Mr. Murraywas furious he had not been notified a search was being conducted. I was so shocked in hearing his comments on the radio the following morning that I called one of the Commanders at home and reported what I heard, partially out of frustration that approximately 100 Troopers and Conservation Officers had searched aggressively in rugged terrain, for approximately eight hours in ninety degree heat, to try to find out whathappened to his daughter. To remember that day, in such detail, almost ten years later demonstrates it's significance. From that time on I always wondered why a Father would lie about anything concerning the disappearance of his daughter... Read into that as much as you want, but my skin crawled when I watched the segment tonight...

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

WMUR piece

Just watched the WMUR piece on the 10th anniversary of Maura's disappearance. A couple things worth noting: they reported on Maura's credit card fraud and a few other points that have been swept under the rug before.

They gave Fred a lot of air time. And filmed him, again, looking around fields up there, as if he'd find evidence on snow covered ground he's already searched 10 years later.

Fred said he "initially" told police his daughter must be taken by a dirtbag. Not true. More of Fred's histrionics. The first thing he said to police was that she might have gone up there to kill herself. That's a big red flag because it suggests Fred would know a reason why Maura would want to take her own life. He's been trying to take that back from the beginning.

It ended on an odd note. Fred seemed to address Maura. Or at least the possibility that she had run away and was still living out there. Though, he said, if she were alive, he would expect her to call him. Or her family. Or at least a close friend.

From what I know about Fred Murray, I would never expect her to call him if she were alive.

Whatever happened after that crash, she was running away. From school, from her life, from most of her family (the exception being her kid brother and aunt), but mostly from Fred, himself. It was long overdue, in my opinion.

Monday, February 3, 2014

Revelations of West Point

"What something tragic happens, you don't really want to say anything bad about the person. But everyone has skeletons in the closet."

That's how Megan Sawyer began the conversation.

Megan was one of Maura's friends at West Point, a fellow runner, another young woman trying to hoof it through the military academy's tough regimen. She thinks it's time for people to know a little more about the troubles Maura was having there. Perhaps it can provide a few pieces to the puzzle and move us closer to some resolution.

Megan was standing beside Maura when Maura got busted for stealing makeup from the commissary at Fort Knox during a training trip. Later, Maura confided in her about the ordeal. "It was so stupid," she said. "I only took five dollars worth of stuff."

Maura was quiet, says Megan. "But you could tell there were some inner demons. She seemed sad." She was also "insanely smart." So smart, she says, Maura helped her older sister, Julie with homework.

The daily routine was harsh. Everyone had chores and duties. Most days, you woke up around 4:30 a.m. Clean bathrooms, take out the trash. Every day you had to read the newspaper and you could be quizzed on current events by older cadets. Outside of class (and conditioning for the track team) there was not much extra time.

The dorms, at the time, were co-ed. Two or three women would share a room, next to a room full of men. In such close quarters, Maura's bulimia was well-known. "She had issues with loving herself."

Some of that stress came from Julie, who, Megan says, was "unusually hard on her. Julie would harp on her about studying and running, and then Maura would get down on herself about it."

Some of these things Megan has told police and the Murrays, already. She says that Helena Murray, who runs the Facebook group, told her to keep quiet about it, "Don't say these negative things. Watch what you tell people."

Megan says Maura was not on the hook to reimburse West Point for the schooling she received before transferring to UMass. Cadets sign a contract during their Junior year but if they leave before that, they can do so without penalty.

During her time at West Point, Maura went through basic military training, including survival skills. She could operate a machine gun on top a tank.

Based on what she knows of Maura, Megan believes she had what it takes to start a new life.

"If she wanted to make up another life, she could do it," says Megan. "If she wanted to disappear, she could. She never wanted to look bad in front of people. After she crashed her father's car, and this trouble with the credit cards, I think she probably thought, if I just disappeared, they wouldn't think badly of me. I believe she's alive. It's just a feeling I've always had."

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Who is Alexa Taylor? **UPDATE**

A nurse at Rhode Island Hospital is using a photo of Maura Murray in her Facebook profile.

The account has been active since 2012.

There are no other photos of this woman in her profile.

Is this a cry for help or just a troll?

There is no Alexa Taylor at RI Hospital.

The photo of her dog is fake, too.